Ammons Communications with its imprint Catch the Spirit of Appalachia have brought together authors who have treasures of words and images stored within them. Turn the pages of our books to experience what it was like to live and love in the mountains of yesteryear and in the wilderness of tomorrow. Included in each selection are tales told in stories and illustrations you will cherish. You will fall in love with the rhythm of the poet dancing through life’s seasons . . . you will ride through the night with haunting, compelling mysteries and listen to a quiet voice spinning yarns about those who came before. So choose a book you will not be able to put down . . . share with us a bountiful treasury of stories told from the heart. Over the years CSA has published over 140 books. The website was established to help CSA authors have their own ONLINE outlet. Many of CSA authors have gone on to have their own website, or have found other ways of marketing their books.  The authors you find on the website today have found success in marketing through

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Illustrated Books  for Children:  

     Marcia Barnes

     Charles Schoen

     Amy Ammons Garza

     Carroll Taylor

     Henrietta Haithcock

     Brenda Kay Ledford




     Roy Owenby

     Russell Groover

     Nita Owenby



     R.G. Bruneau  

     Doreyl Ammons Cain

     Amy Ammons Garza

     Patricia Byrd Shamrock



     Nita Owenby

     Lee Woods

     Russell Groover

     Pam Nester Cloud



     Freida Ponder

     Amy Ammons Garza

     Nita Owenby


     Doreyl Ammons Cain

     Patricia Byrd Shamrock

     Catch the Spirit of Appalachia

     Kathy Ensley Hall

 Storytelling With Amy (Podcast/audio)

     Amy Ammons Garza   

Coming of Age Novelette:

    Kathy Ensley Hall

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A Day with Tobijah, (Sequel to Tobijah)

A Tale from Piney Flats

Another Tale From Piney Flats

Adventures With Charlie (Series)

Along the Way

All Who Served Are Heros

An Opal Crowned Tanager

Appalachian Storyteller in a Feed Sack Dress

Apple Dumplings and Silver Spoons

Cannie, the Hills of Home

Catch the Spirit of Creativity

Come Walk With Me

Descending Like A Dove  

Echoes of the Appalachian Mountains

Feannag the Crow

Growing Up on Hazel Creek

In All These Things

In the Silence of a Smile

In tIhe Stillness of Christmas

In God’s Green Pastures

Laura of Cataloochee

Learning to Fly

Live Love

Lola Sue, Lost Child of Appalachia

Matchbox Mountain

Meandering…from Here to There

Mountain Storytelling & Spontaneous Art

Nevaeh Rises

Peyton Station

Rainbow of Hope

Retter, A Novel of the Mountains

Said the Leaf

Secret Life of Mr. Brownie

Sifting Through the Mist

Sincerely Yours

Softening Shadows

So & Oh, Black Bear Twins

Spending Time in the Great Smoky Mountains

Sterlen and a Mosaic of Mountain Women

Tales from the Streets of Tampa

Tales of a Moonlight Rider

Tales of Grandpa and Gum Branch

The Craftsman’s Crucible

The Lean Horse

The House of Rose

The Magic of Everyday Lives

The Owl Knows

The Wilderness of  Ren

The Wilderness of Ren  (second book)

The Wilderness of Ren (third book)

The Singing Convention


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