Producing your own book does not have to be complicated. Whether it’s your first book or you are a seasoned author, Ammons Communications, along with the imprint Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, is dedicated to making your journey as easy as possible.  We have published over 135 books, in many designs, featuring:

• High quality black & white and full color books

• Book cover design services

• Professional interior design & formatting services

• Professional illustrations

• The printer we have been working with over the years helps with quick turnaround, and now has eBook conversion

Design & Editing
One of the most difficult parts of self-publishing can be editing and proofreading. You’ve looked over your manuscript so many times the pages are starting to make up their own words.

 And while the quality of your text is important, so is the book design. Producing a perfect interior and book cover design takes technical expertise not all authors have mastered.  Professional and accurate design not only ensures your book meets required standards, but is visually pleasing and lets your audience know you’re no amateur.

Trim Size

If you intend to print your books digitally, choosing a trim size of 6x9 may be significantly less expensive than sizes even slightly larger. Larger sizes for cost purposes:  It is good to also consider standard sizes such as 8.5 x 11 horizontally or oblong at 11 x 8.5.

Photos & Illustrations

We offer free scans of either photographs or illustrations

Cover Treatments

How do you plan on selling your book? If you are selling online, embellishments aren't going to help drive your sales and can be skipped. Any embellishments that you add to your book cover will drive up the cost. Sit down and think about the vision that you have for your book, where it will sell and your budget before making any decisions about your cover design. Our editor has many concepts for covers, especially after reading the text. Our in-house illustrator is also available for the customer. High quality color photographs are also wonderful covers (not less than 300dpi).

File Formats and Specifications

Manuscripts should be emailed by .doc text files or sent by US mail (flash drive). Photos and illustrations should all be original…no copies. If scans are presented with the manuscript, they should be 300dpi.

One Time Charges

The cost for layout and design is attached.  This figure does not change unless the book goes over 350 pages, then only slightly.

Printing Charges

How many pages do you have? How many books do you plan on printing? Color or black/white? Before a printing estimate can be made, we need to know these items.


Where will you store the books and how will you distribute them?

You can print short run or long run, store them yourself or use fulfillment services.

These are some important things to determine before printing your book. Whichever way you go - you should decide early in the publishing process. Should you chose Ammons Communication to publish your book, we will advise you on how you can save the most money based on your decision.

Imprint: Catch the Spirit of Appalachia 

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