“The House of Rose” is about the life of a young girl, Valee Rose, who is abused at age 14 and finds herself without a family.  As readers follow her life and the many struggles she faces, they will identify with her as she dreams for a better time and place for those in her care.  With a great deal of determination, Valee faces her problems, reaching out to others, learning nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.  

ISBN:  978-09853728-6-6

The House of Roses




Walking the Dirt Roads of Yesteryear

by Nita Owenby

An autobiographical blueprint of the author’s young life. The author takes the reader through the 1940s and1950s with 80 short stories, where each one details a snapshot of farm living.

ISBN# 978-0-9908766-4-9



The Story of An Appalachian Boy Panning for Gold in the Old West

By Nita Welch Owenby   (2016)

This is a fictional story of a boy who left North Carolina in search of a new life and became a man in the Northern California gold fields.  In order to survive, he had to learn how to differentiate between those who were his friends and those who were his enemies.  Quick to act when danger threatened, kind to those who were less fortunate and a friend to those who would be his friend, he developed leadership skills that served him well as he grew in stature as a man.  There is intrigue and adventure aplenty to piques the reader’s interest, and yet the integrity of the man is never compromised as he shares his wealth and power with his friends and those less fortunate.

Rainbow of Hope




A Lost and Found Mystery of the Mountains

By Nita Welch Owenby

If the reader has read Owenby’s first book “The House of Rose,”set in the early 1900s, he or she will already know Aggie Denny and her daughter, Lola Sue. As the plot in this novel winds and turns through two states the author will once again capture our hearts with her larger-than-life characters and involve us completely with her mix of mystery, murder, romance and Appalachian culture.  The nimble author proves again that she is an entertaining writer.  348 pages. ISBN#978-0-9971647-7-0

Lola Sue, Lost Child of Appalachia




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