Pam Nester Cloud

142.  In God’s Green Pastures           $20.00  (2020)

        ISPN 978-1-7351316-1-0

 by Pam Nester Cloud   

Pam began her new journey as a step of faith.  God had called her to “write a book.” After much thought and pondering, the first novel Marley Knott’s Mountain began pouring into her spirit. It came from the vault of memories she had stored up listening to the old folks spin a yarn in her youth. Raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, she drew strength from those who had walked before her. Faith in God along with her family are very important to her. When those who read her first book began stopping her on the street and in church, asking what happened to her heroine, Martha Rae Moses, Pam set about continuing the saga of this mountain woman. Herewith is Pam’s second book, In God’s Green Pastures.  

In God's Green Pastures




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